1986 Vintage Castle Risk Board Game Parker Brothers, Complete

board games parker brothers castle risk board game

Castle Risk Board Game Parker Brothers

Castle Risk strategy and conquest board game is a version of the board game Risk that is played on a map of Europe. It was first released as a stand-alone game by Parker Brothers in 1986 and later appeared on the reverse side of the board in an early 1990s version of the standard Risk game. The map is divided into six empires and three neutral areas. A player receives four troops per turn for each empire the player controls and six troops for controlling all the neutral areas. A common variation in play is to have each of the neutral regions worth two troops a turn.

The vintage 1986 castle risk board game is in great condition and all pieces are included. The board and game pieces look almost brand new. Due to age there is some wear noted on box. This would make a great addition to your game collection, a gift for collectors or just used for family game night.

Condition: Mint Item#: 0053 Weight: 3 lbs

Price: $25.00

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Additional Information : Castle Risk Board Game - The rules of Castle Risk differ from original Risk in several respects. Each empire has a capitol (of the player's choosing) and once the capitol is lost that player is out of the game. In addition, reinforcements are granted at the end of a turn instead of at the beginning (except in the case of the Reinforcements card). This makes fortifying the territory a player has just conquered much easier, but denies that player the opportunity to place the new troops in the best strategic position for the turn about to begin. Also see Risk: The World Conquest Game

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